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The Foundation for Ellis Medicine - Donor Wall

The Foundation for Ellis Medicine

Donor Wall

We at Creatacor were able to partner with The Foundation For Ellis Medicine and their new mental health facility on State St. in Schenectady NY. To honor all of the support the surrounding community has put into the new facility Ellis came to us to create a donor wall to show their appreciation. Our goal was to create an artistic way to show the different levels of donations that were received.

This was achieved by creating different size boxes for the different levels of donations. We then chose bright colors to help keep the aesthetic light and playful to keep in line with what Ellis wanted to achieve. Giving each size a dedicated color allowed us to create a chaotic look but still feel complete and with purpose, mimicking how many people view the function of our brains and mental being. This allows us to grow the wall as more people donate and help grow the Ellis Mental Health facility.

We at Creatacor were happy to come up with a unique and fun way to design the Ellis Donor Wall to help show the care the community has for the new facility.