Headquarters Redesign


  • Rebrand the global headquarters
  • Take the “We Believe” brand message and carry throughout the building by means of a timeline, patient stories, as well as wall and fixture artwork
  • Maintain consistency with brand colors, Identity, and new office design and layout
  • Energize and inspire employees by showing that their efforts truly make a difference
  • Enhance glass walls in common areas, conference rooms, and “fish bowls” with unique shapes and treatments
  • Use of transparent or frosted patterns to create interest and carry branding throughout
  • Incorporate a mixture of oversized and accent graphic treatments in different areas to help define spaces
  • The dissipating logo carries the AngioDynamics logo throughout the lobby subtly while keeping the transparency of the glass header
  • The purpose of the dissipating logo on both the header on the first floor and the office windows on the third unify the stairwell as its own complete section
  • Pulling from the fishbowls the dual tone vinyl unifies the graphic identity of meeting areas
  • Use of transparent vinyl on the doors carries the frosted vinyl feel from glass to unify the meeting space aesthetic
  • Showcase global scale of the brand by incorporating clocks and maps with location markers
  • Clocks highlighting each timezone: EASTERN USA/CA, NL, BR, CA, HK
  • Mix visual interest and depth
  • Battery operated analog clocks allow for an easy and clean solution for displaying the time at all of AngioDynamics’ facilities
  • Brushed metal names and acrylic countries with white vinyl keep a consistent look with the AngioDynamics Facility
  • Combining the standoff logo with the oversized “We Believe” branding in the waiting area allows for foreshadowing of the AngioDynamics branding that is carried throughout the facility
  • RGB LED lights will be added for theme changes throughout the year
  • Utilizing the wall opposite of the monitor allows for a large patient story
  • A large patient story in the waiting area allows for any customer to see the care that AngioDynamics provides while utilizing the same aesthetic used throughout the facility
  • Create interesting and eye grabbing areas to display achievements
  • Use of floating shelves create a clean minimalist aesthetic
  • Use of smaller shelves allow for a flexible installation that leaves room for more units to be added as more awards are won
  • Shelf units will be dimmable to allow for optimal lighting


  • Timeline showcasing AngioDynamics’ 30 year history and achievements
  • Use of mixed substrates and layers help create an impactful appearance that draws inspiration from AngioDynamics’ modern aesthetic to create a talking piece for employees and clients alike
  • The use of various substrates such as plexi, vinyl and sintra allows for a layered look that helps push both text and images from AngioDynamics’ history
  • Use of layering plexi and sintra allows for a fluid aesthetic that follows AngioDynamics’ branding.
  • Mounted using hook and loop to allow for quick graphic changes
  • Inspirational messaging is used to motivate and remind trainees of the AngioDynamics Values
  • The use of a similar color allows for the graphics to be seen while not being distracting while there is training
  • Wall art and messaging that carries throughout
  • Informative graphics indicating level (1-3)
  • Graphics that bring light and energy to an otherwise unbranded space
  • Colored walls give a new aesthetic to the stairwells with messaging placed according to whether the viewer is traveling up or down the stairs
  • Quotes along the railing lead into AngioDynamics Mission statements and messaging
  • The tone on tone aesthetic is carried throughout the building for coherence.
  • AngioDynamics messaging and inspirational quotes will be applied to each area
  • Wood laminated frame creates a “floating” border around lifestyle imagery keeping a transparent Aesthetic
  • Sintra mounted image with standoff mounting helps push the image off the wall and into passersby views
  • Smaller framed imagery will be used in confined areas such as hallways for optimal viewing
  • Door placards to replace the existing room placards
  • Colors will change per floor based off of stairwell numbering
  • Placards are .5” larger than existing placards to cover any print that they have left

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