Headquarters Redesign

AngioDynamics supplies innovative patient care equipment and medical devices that sustain lives. Angio was in need of a full office rebrand that spoke to both innovation and the impact the employees have on patient quality of life. The transformation introduced a mix of materials, colors, textures, and lighting. Wall murals with inspirational messaging and captivating stories were carried throughout offices, hallways, and stairwells.

Incorporating the overall theme of “The Community,” conference rooms and common areas were renamed to speak to regional and international environments that AngioDynamics calls home.

The lobby was complimented by a three-dimensional logo, distinct with color changing illumination that is programmable to brand, holiday, or awareness cause colors. The reception area highlights the global presence of AngioDynamics with clocks displaying corresponding locations and time zones of each of their offices.

Product imagery and layered acrylic panels throughout each space created a cohesive, branded environment. Patient and employee testimonials on the impact of AngioDynamics’ products reinforced their overall message: “We Believe.”

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