Americana Roadshow (ARS)

The LEGO® Americana Tour is a highly visual and educational traveling installation of intricate LEGO buildings. The Roadshow entertains visitors with impressive models and fun facts about America’s most famous architectural structures in this one-of-a-kind tour. Along with the models, the 17-day event provides engaging hands-on activities, such as the fully staffed LEGO Play Area, Follow the Map; Find the Model activity, and Make & Take build events. On behalf of LEGO, Creatacor managed the tour from conducting site surveys, coordinating event logistics, hiring brand ambassadors, to capturing critical attendee data.

The tour hit over 40 mall locations during its three year run bringing in parents and their children to the malls increasing revenue for the majority of retailers based on year to year data. Advertising inputs and ideas were supplied to aid the malls and our tour manager made appearances on local news segments to help with the promotion. For LEGO, the visitors created an excellent buzz on social media while introducing a generation of new builders to the LEGO brick.

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