International Pizza Expo

Everywhere you look automation, of what used to be manual human tasks, is allowing for businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency. One industry that continues to prioritize automation is the food and restaurant industries, and more specifically the pizza industry.

Over the past year we have had the opportunity to partner with Picnic who has created one of the most innovative machines the pizza industry has ever seen. Picnic’s Pizza Stations can outwork even the best pizza chefs by making over 100 pizzas per hour, with less than 2% waste. With the introduction of this technology, Picnic has become an immediate game changer in food prep automation and we couldn’t be more proud to be their exhibit partner.

In 2022 Picnic attended two shows, the International Pizza Expo and NACUFS. At both shows Picnic used a 20×20 space to showcase their amazing machines. The exhibit served as a real live pizza kitchen where live demos of the machine were viewed by exhibit attendees. To draw visitors to the booth we utilized a large elevated LED tile screen to display content of the machine in action. Once visitors arrived at the exhibit they were greeted by freshly made pizzas that were served on a real wood butcher block counter.

We were able to keep visitors’ attention on the Pizza Station by creating an elevated platform for the machine and oven to be placed on. Raising the machine allowed for easy visibility of the Pizza Station in action and kept the focus on the automation, and less on the delicious pizzas that were being made for sampling.

Picnic branding gave the exhibit a clean modern look while not distracting from the main focus of the exhibit. In the back of the exhibit a small meeting space was created next to an additional Pizza station that visitors could get up close to for further inspection and questions.

We love sharing and celebrating the success of our clients. Over the past year Picnic’s team has created new partnerships with the likes of Dominos, Sea World, Speedy Eats, Texas A&M, Ohio State University, and many many more. We look forward to seeing Picnic continue to rise to the top of the Pizza World, and are proud to be their exhibit provider.

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