Mobile Vans

Weidmuller provides products, solutions and services to customers operating across power, signal and data industries in more than 80 countries. When Weidmuller approached Creatacor to take their marketing strategies to the next level, they let us know that they wanted to use mobile units to showcase their full line of industry-leading design and productivity tools—in electronics, automation, connectivity, wireless connections and enclosures.

We received three Sprinter vans right off the lot, which were outfitted with counters, cabinets and tech capabilities. Each van was intended for deployment to one nation: Mexico, the United States and Canada.

We produced and applied a full graphic wrap around the exterior of the vehicles, removed interior panels for graphic application and product mounting, adjusted graphics based on product size and visibility points, mounted products and wired each panel for demonstration of power via electric, battery and solar energy. Once complete, the three vans headed off to their respective countries.

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