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A SHOT Show booth for next year’s SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show) doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Keep your financial aims steady and let Creatacor create a custom SHOT Show booth for you. You don’t have to bite the bullet on anything, as we can not only create the perfect SHOT Show booths, but we also offer a full-service trade show management option. The fast-paced Vegas life calls for a buzzworthy booth, and our award-winning design team can make your sales and demo booths hit the jackpot. Lady Luck is always on your side when you partner with us!

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Why Choose Us to Design Your SHOT Show Booths?

You don’t have to take our word for it that your SHOT Show booths should be Creatacor designed exhibits. Just ask Otis! And by Otis, we don’t mean Redding, but rather Otis Technology, a gun-cleaning systems and accessories company, and multi-year veteran of SHOT Show booths designed by Creatacor. Under our nearly decade of partnership with Otis, we’ve tailor made SHOT Show displays for the brand, including the years:


  • SHOT Show 2017: With their large footprint of 40′ x 90′, they commanded a presence again this year on the show floor. A face-to-face custom rental turnkey solution from design to execution, featured two 16-foot towers wrapped in SEG fabric graphics and aluminum framing making it easy to set up and lightweight for shipping. Each 625-sq. ft. tower consisted of two conference rooms and a designated area for either a staff lounge or a storage facility.
  • SHOT Show 2016: A 40’x90’ face-to-face custom rental marketing environment, features two 16-foot towers complete with freshly designed, large-format graphics and Otis branding.
  • SHOT Show 2011: Our first year in partnership with Otis Technology, we produced counters and display cases to support their portable trade show schedule spanning multiple events nationwide. In one of their first uses, four sets were sent to the SHOT Show.

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SHOT Show is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get your SHOT Show Booth design finalized and ready for fabrication. Contact us to begin the design process with one of our trade show booth engineers.


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