Client Services

Every aspect of your Creatacor trade show program is overseen by a seasoned, highly dedicated Account Team whose job it is to make sure that your program is functioning smoothly, meeting or exceeding expectations, and satisfactorily performing at every step in the process.

Your Account Manager is your easy-access point of entry to Creatacor’s robust service teams. We work tirelessly to integrate the efforts of every Creatacor department into a seamless Client Services experience aimed at constantly improving your results.

  • Need answers to questions about budget, scheduling, estimates, timetables, and tracking?
  • Want to explore a new engagement strategy?
  • Shifting corporate branding or messaging?
  • Problems in the field that need instant response?
  • Want to troubleshoot a shipping or installation challenge?

Trade show program client services

Technologically Savvy

Our experienced people are aided by superior technology. Our web-based exhibit program management system gives you complete control over your exhibit program from your desktop or your mobile device, offering:

  • Online graphic inventory management
  • Portable exhibit program management
  • Exhibit design and production approval
  • Cost tracking and estimating
  • Exhibit inventory management
  • Daily project coordination and control

Whatever the need, our Client Services department is prepared to get you a timely and complete solution. Whatever it takes, everyone on the Creatacor team is ready to give their all to respond to your needs, troubleshoot and solve problems, or to propose new ideas to advance your success.