AUA Meeting Shines for Watson Pharma

The annual AUA meeting kicked off in San Francisco this week (29 May – 3 June). It was reported that attendance for the opening day of the meeting topped 14,000. A great start for this important meeting. Watson’s 50′ x 80′ booth space was located in the far corner of the Moscone Convention Center. As those of you know who have worked at Moscone, the sloping ceilings in that part of the hall can be challenging. The ceiling height over the Watson booth space varied from a low of 16′ to a maximum height of 35′ – not easy to work with when rigging theatrical lighting from above. But with the help of spacious and inviting floor plan, an impressive lighting rig and various booth draws, this Watson Pharmaceuticals exhibit was one of the most popular spaces at the show.

Watson at AUA 2010

[Exhibit Setup]

Every display element including the bar tables were lighted internally with programmable LED’s, each sequentially programmed to accentuate the logos of Watson’s three featured products; Trelstar, Rapaflo, and Gelnique. In addition, the theatrical lighting hung from above projected each of the three product logos and custom design images on the carpet throughout the booth. The overhead lighting was particular effective thanks to the cooperation of the in-house GES electricians, who permitted us to power down and shroud the hall lamps directly above the Watson space, eliminating unwanted illumination in the booth and enhancing the overall effect of the theatrical lighting.

Watson at AUA 2010

[Exhibit Lighting]

Once inside Watson’s space, attendees could be refreshed at the martini bar or sample fresh baked cookies and a cappuccino. Many visitors listened to a live presentation by Dr. Neil Baum “How to Improve the Productivity, Profitability of Your Practice”. The entire space was designed to engage the visitor in a warm and welcoming manner.

Watson at AUA 2010

[Martini Bar]

Watson at AUA 2010

[Exhibit Presentation]

Our tradeshow partners at Watson Pharma were thrilled with the exhibit. “Everything was great from start to finish”, one Watson contact exclaimed. The general consensus was that it was the most attractive and engaging exhibit Watson had ever sponsored and they went on to say it was the most attractive exhibit in the show. Wow! Fantastic! Congratulations to all! Great job!

Watson at AUA 2010

[Overall Exhibit]

[Video From The Exhibit Floor – YouTube Link]

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