Creatacor Teams Up With Newbridge Marketing Group to Ignite L.L. Bean’s Enchanted Summer Nights of Freeport, Maine

Rekindling old flames with past concepts and creating new, viable solutions is Creatacor’s bread and butter. With this particular project, we LITerally had to rekindle old flames!

Rewind one year (sometime in 2017), the fine folks of Newbridge Marketing Group reached out to Creatacor with reference images for an outdoor summer activation they were proposing to L.L Bean’s flagship store in Freeport, Maine. While the idea sparked interest, due to timing the flames slowly dwindled.

(Original Reference Image)

Cut to May 2018: the Faux Fire project rose like a Phoenix from the ashes. The Creatacor team worked for two weeks revising the concepts, creating new renderings, and engineering a viable solution to keep the Faux Fire burning.

L.L. Bean flames

L.L. Bean flames

The constant challenge of bringing concepts off of the page and into reality is what makes the beautiful minds at Creatacor thrive. Capturing the energy and essence of a brand in a consumer driven experiential activation is a truly gratifying feeling for all parties involved.

After a few short weeks of creative brainstorming with design and engineering, the team produced a winning concept (pictured below).

L.L. Bean flames

The major factor in the final solution to our build method was the length of external exposure it would be enduring (2-3 months outside).

Taking that into consideration, we had to build with all outdoor rated materials as well as IP rated electronics to achieve the “flame” lighting effect. We had all of our polycarbonate sheets directly printed with outdoor sign ink, to create a semi-opaque color gradient resembling the vibrance of a real flame. The super structure and panel frames consisted of clear coated aluminum, incorporating the rugged nature of the brand that is L.L Bean, while also providing substantial structural support for all components. After over 150 hours of custom fabrication, engineering, design, and management – the flame was ready to be installed at the L.L. Bean Flagship location in Freeport, Maine. Two Creatacor employees set the trail ablaze on a mission to safely and securely deliver and install the flame structure.

We met our friends at Newbridge Marketing Group at the breathtaking L.L Bean’s Flagship location. After a few hours, the flame was up and LIT.

L.L. Bean flames

The folks of NMG did an amazing job at sourcing local logs and stone to compliment the Faux Flame centerpiece, culminating into one absolutely brilliant attraction. It was a sincere pleasure to be involved with this project. We hope that every individual that experiences the Faux Flame can enjoy and appreciate the hard work endured by all, that brought this project to light.

L.L. Bean flames


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