Crystal IS At Pittcon 2014

“Nearly a billion people are at risk due to poor water quality” is a powerful reminder from Creatacor’s new client, Crystal IS, of how their products are making a positive global impact – and with that statement in mind we could not have been prouder to have been selected as the exhibit company to produce the Crystal IS exhibit for the upcoming debut of their booth at Pittcon 2014.

The Creatacor team partnered with Crystal IS to produce an exciting new booth that will highlight the Crystal IS innovative products that are leading the way to sterilize and disinfect water. The 400 sq. ft. booth will display the Crystal IS high-performance LEDs that are integrated into their customers’ products to sterilize and disinfect water, air and surfaces in a variety of applications. The LEDs are also used as light sources for scientific and industrial instrumentation applications.

The booth features a corporate ID tower that will greet attendees as soon as they walk onto the show floor. A double-sided mural display with integrated acrylic display cases will hold the Crystal IS LEDs and provide attendees a graphic overview of the award-winning technology & applications of the industry’s highest performing ultraviolet (UVC) LEDs.

Crystal IS at Pittcon 2014.

Crystal IS at Pittcon 2014.

Crystal IS at Pittcon 2014.

Working with the Crystal IS team has been a genuine privilege and we are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with them in developing a great new booth that reflects their Industry-Best products.

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