Fueled Up At Fancy Food Show

A few short months ago our genius friends at Death Wish Coffee came to us with a super cool idea. They had tasked us with creating a photo opportunity of their grim reaper character dumping Death Wish Coffee onto fans standing in a life-size model of their signature mug. Our creative team jumped at the opportunity to sketch this out and our production team worked their magic to bring it to life in just over two weeks.

Death Wish Coffee At Fancy Food Show

Creatacor sent account executive Jordan McLagan out to the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas to check out the show on a hunt for new business in addition to ensuring the delivery and installation of the mug went smooth for their client. The day before the installation, a gnarly storm ripped up the northeast grounding all flights leaving NY. The entire Death Wish Coffee team had been delayed and would not arrive in Vegas until the night before the show opened, long after the convention hall would be closed for exhibitors.

Death Wish Coffee at Fancy Food Show

Luckily, Creatacor had boots on the ground and Jordan was able to roll his sleeves up and get back to his roots of the I&D grind. After a few short hours (and a cup of the world’s strongest coffee), the 10’x20’ booth was all built, and Jordan had just enough time left in the day to place all of their amazing coffee products on display.

Death Wish Coffee at Fancy Food Show