LEGO At New York Comic Con 2014

LEGO unveiled the anticipated return of LEGO® BIONICLE® at 2014 New York Comic Con with a booth featuring a LEGO BIONICLE Mask Of Creation produced by the LEGO Model Shop team. The booth was another epic LEGO & Creatacor collaboration featuring a custom altar produced by Creatacor to display the LEGO BIONICLE Mask of Creation:

LEGO New York Comic Con 2014 Exhibit

Creatacor also produced four 10′ monoliths and a back wall with an awesome LEGO BIONICLE graphic wrap. A 20′ LEGO BIONICLE sign was suspended over the booth and a video tower with nine 55″ LED monitors ran the new LEGO BIONICLE animation for the 150,000+ attendees:

LEGO New York Comic Con 2014 Exhibit

A quick video close-up of the altar:

Also, check out this article on “LEGO brings back an old hit from its toy box” which contains a great behind-the-scenes video of the LEGO model shop including interviews with Master Builders.


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