Let’s Get Rolling!

For marketers who had planned to reach groups of consumers through live interaction this year, whether through large tent events, retail pop-ups or trade shows, COVID-19 has pushed us all to do some rethinking about our strategy on how to engage audiences while social distancing. As a way to help brands reimagine their promotional marketing programs we take a closer look at mobile marketing and the power and relevance during these changing times.

Over the years at Creatacor we have been a part of many mobile marketing tours and programs. From the LEGO Americana Roadshow to Wendy’s mini RV’s to giant gift boxes, we have made many things “roll” to cities all across the U.S. and beyond. With objectives ranging from health awareness to product promotion we have been able to capture the public’s attention by bringing their campaigns to high concentrations of prospective customers, all while showcasing their intended product or service in an exciting or interesting way.

With the majority of our country hunkered in at home, it caused me to reflect on a classic sales strategy. Remember the door to door sales days? The idea of bringing your sales campaign to the customer is definitely not a new concept. As far back as the late 1800’s traveling salesmen would take their products to the streets, knocking on doors and canvassing the public for new customers. From beauty products to books to home appliances, goods and services of all kinds have been attempted to be sold through this tactic. From its infancy there was a certain power in this sales strategy. Going door to door garnered an opportunity to speak to potential customers face to face, and most times captured the customers’ full and undivided attention. With the customers’ full attention and the ability to read their responses, it provided a higher level of sales success. These two foundational elements have not changed over the years and are still pivotal in any sales strategy.

As our country, and the world, battles against the pandemic we will continue to see measures of social distancing in place that limit travel and interactions with large crowds. This is why the term “Location, location, location!” means more than ever in these times. Cliche, yes, but as you already know, location is very important with all things marketing. Keeping this in mind we urge you to listen to the old adage, “Go where your customers are”, and right now and for the foreseeable future they are in their homes, their offices, and headquarters. Whether your product is best served being pitched business to business, or you want a more guerilla style marketing campaign, being able to set up where you want and when you want gives you the flexibility to cater to both strategies and achieve your goal of reaching prospective buyers, even while social distancing measures are being practiced.

As more and more digital and virtual ways of connecting improve and are more heavily utilized, it has given us the ability to not lose touch and continue to do business in some fashion. However the void that digital and virtual leaves is the ability to actually touch, feel, and physically sense a product, service, or message. The authenticity of the experience is why people travel for meetings, attend trade shows, and immerse themselves in events. By facilitating an opportunity for a physical experience you are uniquely separating yourself from your competition during these times and providing something the public is all starving for, human connection. With this full experience, it lends to the best chance for a potential customer to make a confident and informed decision.

Beyond direct sales and awareness, a mobile marketing program provides so many things that can be leveraged before, during, and after execution. Your mobile marketing tour is an investment, but it can actually produce a year or more worth of content if you plan accordingly. Planning social media posts leading up to, during, and after is great content to share out with your businesses’ followers. Collecting content from the experience can be highly valuable when repurposing into your next tv commercial, radio sound bites, social media campaigns, outdoor media imagery, print collateral, signage, etc. The tour’s payoffs go beyond one-time consumer engagement.

Throughout this uncharted time two quotes have been running through my head. The first is, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein. With a new normal being established we must be willing to change, reinvent, and try new things that push ourselves to find new solutions. The second quote is, “Study the past if you want to define the future” – Confucius. Creatacor’s experience of over 30 years has given us perspective to look at the past for answers and when creating new solutions we must consider what has proven to work well and adapt those successful principles to the situation upon us. We look forward to working on ways in which we can continue to be successful together in our sales and marketing efforts by integrating new concepts and building upon tested and proven campaigns like mobile marketing campaigns.