Partner Volunteers Expertise To Assist The Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund

Since 2016, Creatacor has partnered with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, an organization dedicated to honoring servicemen and woman past and present along with educating current and future generations to come. With VVMF, we have worked on projects ranging from their Mobile Educational Center to fabricating a 75% replica of the Vietnam Wall in DC – The Wall That Heals.

Veterans memorial wall

During our time with with VVMF, we have been fortunate enough to work with our vendors who jumped at the chance to be a part of such a worthwhile organization. 

As the trailer makes it way back to Creatacor for updating of their window vignettes with new artifacts and production of timeline graphics, Zones/nfrastructure has stepped in, once again, proving to be an invaluable partner to Creatacor. Volunteering time out of their busy day, Zones/nfrastructure came to our assistance with their new truck, pulling the 53’ trailer that houses The Wall That Heals from its outdoor enclosure and delivering it safely through our bay and into our shop. Without Zones/nfrastructure’s help, our fabrication department along with our client, a veteran himself, would have done much of this work outside during a New York December. 

Many thanks to the team at Zones/nfrastructure and their very skilled driver, Mark Bailey, for stepping up and becoming an important and much appreciated piece of this project for the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Fund. 

The Wall That Heals

The Wall That Heals is set to start its 2020 tour early next year with its first stop, Marco Island, FL on February 20 – 23.


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