Simulation: 2012

You might think that I was referring to upstate New York’s winter-that-wasn’t; in actuality the statement is ALL about Laerdal Medical. They started the new year with an energy that can only be fed by great new product development and excitement about things to come. This attitude is infectious to all involved and its effect on us is no exception. The more challenges they bring, the more we welcome the opportunity to exercise new solutions. In the last two months alone, they have introduced ground breaking technologies that will change the way healthcare simulation education programs are managed and utilized.

Laerdal Medical IMSH 2012

At this year’s International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2012) HealthStream and Laerdal Medical featured two products: SimManager™ and SimView™, two main components of SimCenter™. In addition to these advances Laerdal Medical introduced the SimPad™. This new product is leading the way with wireless, touchscreen technology that intutively integrates automatic and manual scenarios that are effective and efficient. All in the palm of your hand! If we sound excited, it’s because we are. To support the new launch we were tasked with developing a larger than life demo – shown for the first time on its sleek new kiosk was a 46″ replica of the handheld. This not only provided for easier demonstration in front of larger groups but allowed the single user to explore on their own.

Laerdal Medical IMSH 2012 SimPad demo

The beginning of the year also included Laerdal’s Annual Sales and Marketing Summit, where we introduced and tested their new Video Testimonial Booth. Under the casino theme the booth was available during the Solution Bar reception. Received quite well by attendees they successfully captured usable testimonial (and probably some unusable footage – haha) that they quickly repurposed for the next day’s keynote. All in all it was a success. If you are familiar with Laerdal’s Simulation User Network (SUN) you will be seeing it at their upcoming SUN conferences, the next one occurring in April at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. So get your material together and get ready.

Laerdal Medical's Annual Sales and Marketing Meeting - Video Kiosks

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